-                   Our history                   -

The Hostettler winery was originally started up by Peter and Adriana Hostettler.

In 1955, after 17 years of agriculture at the farm "La Pampa", in Monteggio, they acquired

a plot of land on the top of the hill in the same town, to grow vines and build their own home.

After various building works, including the construction of the road leading to the summit,

the planting of vineyards began with Merlot and a variety of hybrids.

In 1969 the winery was built, and the own production of wine and brandy started.

Currently, Massimo, with his wife Joëlle and his son Roy, continues the work of the family,

always ready to welcome visitors with wine and merriment.

In 2010 a new holiday apartment has been built. Customers and tourists can stay in the

estate which is situated in a prime location, overlooking Lake Maggiore and the Monte Rosa mountain.

The old cellar, furnished as a time, allows its visitors to come back in the time of traditions.