Hostettler Winery and Farmhouse

From the Hostettler winery in Monteggio (Switzerland), Massimo and Joëlle invite you to taste our wines surrounded by a natural environment in front of a majestic landscape, which includes the highest mountain in Switzerland (Dufourspitze 4634 m) and the Verbano lake (179 m).

Besides proposing a stay in our holiday apartment, we also organise events in order you to have a good time in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

-               Our special offers            -

Apartment with independent entrance.Thorough cleaning. Possibility to prepare food in a protected environment. There are no other people except you and your family. Possibility to walk in the woods and vineyards. Comfort and support from the owners.If you want you can spend a holiday completely isolated.Beautiful outdoor terraceUntil the emergency continues ( COVID-19) to give more tranquility to guests, our structure will ensure that they spend at least 24 hours between a reservation and another. We are aware that in this way we will have a decrease in arrivals in high season. But this will give us concrete time to properly clean and sanitize our apartment and put in place all the security measures to welcome our guests in the best possible


Transport  service

To celebrate the AlpTransit tunnel opening, a lift from the station of Ponte Tresa to our holiday apartment will be offered to customers who'd like to come by train.

-2021-              Holiday apartment

Beaming after the rewarding score of the past year, we will endeavor to live up in future too, always trying to improve, also helped by our guests!